This is a Camp Warren original by the great Joe cline about General Sherman, a mutant who lives in Back Bay up at camp. As all campers know, proceed to Back Bay at your own risk...


He lives in half moon, general Sherman is his name
Don't believe he'll change your tune. Cross his path you'll never be the same
Mama was a pike named Lola, daddy a sturgeon called Sam
A culvert full of radioactive waste is where his life began

Oh general Sherman! Whooooa he's the biggest fish around
Shrouded in darkness and mystery, always watching never making a sound
Well yeah he's a mutant! Whooooa but that's ok
All you campers better watch yourselves or the general get you one day

He's missing chromosome 22 and that gives him bones of steal
Don't swim too late at night or you'll be his next meal
The mutation made him huge, over 60 feet long
At over a million pounds he'd be a match for King Kong


Some have seen him, whoa, some never will
But know he's lurking to give our souls a chill
Those campers who went missing they won't see another day
They're in his belly, or waiting to be eatin' in the general's lair in back bay



from Half Moon Sampler vol​.​1, released September 15, 2014
Joe Cline (Vocals), Reid Petit (Guitar)


tags: folk camp Eveleth


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The Camp Warren Band Eveleth, Minnesota

It's no secret to the Warren community that we have a thriving group of musicians. However, now is the time to document our talents and show them off to the rest of the world! This album will feature many of the talented musicians that we will from now on call The Camp Warren Band ... more

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